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Have you heard about this thrilling news that MIT created an imaging system that even light moves slow or as most call it the ultimate slow mo’ video?
If no , then feast your eyes, ears and entire body on this tantalizing, funky, unbelievable, and mind boggling info.

Well, as you (including I and probably the entire world) might have expected the geniuses at MIT are at it again, but this time they went overboard. These people finally created a device that showed the face of the fastest thing yet known to mankind. Well now they’re like “wait hold on, I think it’s time for us people to take a selfie with light” and boom!!! They built the amazing TRILLION FRAMES PER SECOND IMAGING SYSTEM that works in ways my eyes crisscrossed when I first read about. But to give a peak of the flickers I understood “This system creates images that are fast enough to produce a slow-motion video of a burst of light traveling the length of a one-liter bottle, bouncing off the cap and reflecting back to the bottle’s bottom.” And don’t get me started on how the world can utilize it. But I leave that for you guys to contemplate.

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