What is known today as Muday Charity Association started out sixteen years ago as Fresh and Green Academy, a business where the founder Muday Mitiku taught children in the neighborhood. Over time, more and more children who could not afford to pay the school fee joined Fresh and Green. This caused discontent among the parents who paid for their children’s tuition but Muday stood her ground. She was determined not to turn anyone away because of financial need. Eventually, the number of students learning for free increased and the school became a non-profit organization.

​Muday Charity Association has continued to support children from impoverished backgrounds by providing education and all their basic needs. The association provides school uniforms, three meals a day, clothes, school materials and covers medical expenses for every child it supports. Muday also cares for 17 orphans who live and learn there.

Needy children are not Muday Charity Association’s only beneficiaries. The Mothers’ Cooperation, which is under Muday Charity Association, focuses on helping women become economically independent. Most of the women it supports are the mothers of the children the association educates. The women, who are survivors of many difficult conditions, are trained in various income generating activities such as pottery and weaving. Their products are sold to raise money and the association helps the women cover their housing and medical expenses and provides them with three meals a day.   

Currently, Muday Charity Association has 739 beneficiaries. The association funds its endeavors to help the needy through donations and the contributions of the founders. Because the number of mothers and children it supports is constantly increasing, Muday Charity Association welcomes donors and volunteers. Anyone interested in helping out at Muday can participate in a number of activities. Volunteers help out by teaching the students during summer. They can also spread the word about Muday Charity Association by distributing brochures and stickers. The association also has fundraising campaigns volunteers can participate in. Those who have IT skills can help out at the office and with the computers the students use. Whatever your talents are, or even if you have none to speak of, you can contribute to Muday Charity Association’s efforts to improve the lives of the women and children under its protection.  

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