I was literally about to fall over when I entered Savor. It was noon and I had been walking for the last hour in the blazing sun. The cool air in the amazingly ventilated room felt great against my overly heated skin. It was spacious, had simple furniture and was the perfect place to relax and cool down. And then, I saw the display. Belew! Although Savor has many choices, my eyes immediately zeroed in on the ice cream. I took a cone to have with my ice cream. One of the many things I really like about Savor’s ice cream is the cone. It’s a deliciously made biscuit that you could enjoy even without the ice cream. Another thing I really like is their generosity. They’re not stingy like some ice cream places who give you the bare minimum required to be called a scoop. At Savor, they pile it so high you forget it’s just one scoop. I’m sure I’ll be going back there pretty soon. Try it, the ice cream will make you scream.
Address- On your way from Edna Mall to Urael Church
Behind 2000 Habesha Traditional restaurant
Price- 30ETB

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