Level 1

The Level 1 section is aimed at giving students a foundational knowledge of the Scholastic Aptitude. We will dive deep into all sections of the SAT and give you strategies on how to perform better on the exam.

There will be weekly videos released to students that cover strategies and examples of the different SAT sections: Writing, Reading, and Math. Students will be required to engage with the video material and complete the homework assignments attached with that week’s video. There will also be recommended exercises. These exercises are not required, but we encourage students to do them as they will provide additional practice for the SAT. The recommended exercises are especially encouraged for students who expect to take the SAT within the coming year.

Students enrolled in this section will also have access to pre-recorded videos about the different components of the college application process, including college search, common application, financial aid, essays, recommendation, and many more.

Who should enroll in this section?
The target demographics for the Beginner section are rising 10th and 11th graders (current 9th and 10th graders) who have little to no knowledge about the application process but aim to come back next summer and enroll in either the Intermediate or Advanced section and complete their applications. If you are not familiar with Financial Aid, types of colleges, the Common App, and have not been exposed to the SAT, this section is for you.

Essay Questions:
Below are the three essay questions every Level 1 applicant has to complete as part of the application. 
1.  In 2 to 5 sentences, explain why you chose to enroll in this section.
2. Why do you want to attend the CTP Summer Session? What do you envision getting out of this program? (100-150 words)
3. What does success mean to you? Feel free to discuss in terms of academics, personal, social, or whatever you wish. (150 words)

Level 2 

The Level 2 section is geared towards students who are looking to complete their college applications in the coming calendar year. More focus is given towards helping students nail down the colleges they want to apply to and giving them the support they need to complete their Common Application, Financial Aid application, recommendations, application essays, and other caveats related to the application process as a whole. 

​Because we will be dedicating our attention to other application components, SAT and strategies for the SAT sections will not be covered in this section.

Who should enroll in this section?
Our target demographics for this section are rising 12th graders (current 11th graders) and students who are considering taking a gap year in order to complete their applications. If you have taken the SAT at least once and are satisfied with your score or know how to improve your score by yourself but need some help completing other parts of the application process, this section is for you. In addition, since the sessions this summer will be completely virtual, access to good internet is a requirement. Everyone who enrolls in this section will be required to attend at least one live video session every week.

Important Notes:​​​

  • The Level 2 section is extremely collaborative and interactive, with smaller class sizes (on average 5 students to 1 instructor)​
  • The Level 2 section does NOT include any SAT lessons​

By the end of the session, you should expect to finish your personal statement and college selection, and also make reasonable progress towards completing your Common App, supplement essays, recommendations letters, and Financial Aid application. After the session is over, you will be matched with a mentor that will help you through the materials you were not able to complete during the session.